British Police Officer to be Extradited to Antigua to Face 2015 Rape Charge

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, Tuesday September 4, 2018 – A British police officer who allegedly committed rape in Antigua and Barbuda more than three years ago has been ordered extradited to the twin-island nation to face the court, following the historic, successful extradition request by the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

A statement from the government today said that the country achieved a first in legal history for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and a very rare occurrence for the wider Caribbean, when Anthony Armstrong was successful in getting a British court to accept his request to extradite the officer.

It is alleged that the officer, who was not identified in the statement, was on vacation in Antigua and Barbuda in May 2015, and raped a foreign student studying at a local educational institution shortly after meeting her.

The matter was reported to the police who commenced investigations, but before the officer could be apprehended, he returned to the United Kingdom (UK) in late May.

The statement from government said the extradition request was made through the UK Crown Prosecutions Service who presented the extradition request before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court before a senior District Judge in October of 2017.

The request was granted in July this year, after the British Court heard legal arguments for and against the request for the police officer’s extradition.

The court’s decision was sent to the British Home Secretary for him to decide whether to issue an order for the return of the fugitive officer. The order was signed by the Home Secretary in August of 2018, paving the way for the British officer return to Antigua and Barbuda.

Despite the court and the Home Secretary ordering him to be extradited to Antigua and Barbuda, the police officer may appeal the decision of the Home Secretary before another court.

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