BVI Premier Gets Multiple Assassination Threats

Premier Andrew Fahie says Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews has been informed of the threats and law enforcement authorities already have some leads.

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, Friday April 26, 2019 – British Virgin Islands (BVI) Premier Andrew Fahie has revealed that he has received three major death threats and the matter has now been classified as a national security issue.

Fahie, whose Virgin Islands Party (VIP) was swept to power in the general elections earlier this year, said yesterday that Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews has been informed of the threats and law enforcement authorities already have some leads.

He made the disclosure in the House of Assembly. But he made it clear that although he had increased his personal security, he would not be deterred from doing his job.

“Since becoming Premier, it is now documented through authorities that I have received three major threats of assassination. And I want to tell these three entities here today, that you aren’t going frighten me from doing the business of the people,” Fahie told the House.

Defending the decision to hire bodyguards, which has been the subject of criticism and ridicule, the Premier said it had to be done.

“We have sat down with the Commissioner of Police, we have sat down with private security…and we have made sure that the security that is needed, that will happen as the Premier of this territory….I don’t like to know that taxpayers have to go through that. As a matter of fact, Mr Speaker, I bring it up because I noticed that before I got to make a speech, there are those making fun of it. But I don’t take nobody making fun of my life,” he said.

“I had to rearrange how my life has been going and it has not been a nice time….One time I even paused and say, is this even worth it? I used to be around this place free, free as a bird representing the people of the First [District] in this House doing what I got to do. Now because of some greedy people – that’s who they are, because we have a tip-off what it’s about – some greedy people want to see if they can assassinate the Premier.”

Fahie said, however, that the threats had been predicted.

He said that before the elections, it had been prophesied by religious leaders that he would lead the BVI, and there was another prophecy that his life would be threatened.

And the Premier said his bodyguards have been advised to use lethal force against any would-be attackers.

“If anybody makes the attempts, I tell them to shoot and kill them,” he disclosed.

Fahie’s VIP won eight of Parliament’s 13 seats in the general election on February 25, 2019.

The National Democratic Party which had formed the previous government won three seats, and the Progressive United and the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement won one each.

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