Caribbean could get Obama focus

COLORADO, United States, August 29, 2008 – The Caribbean is being promised it will get attention from a Barack Obama administration if the Democratic presidential nominee wins the November elections in the United States.

That’s the word from Barbadian-American, Eric Holder Jr, who helped Obama choose his running mate. He said Obama would give attention to the region because of its importance in promoting legitimate trade in goods and services and in combating the illegal trade in drugs.

“It’s a crossroad for a wealth of trade and a way station for drug trafficking, so it is a focus,” said Holder, who served on Obama’s vice presidential vetting committee.

He reminisced on first meeting Obama, shortly after the Illinois politician was elected to the US Senate in 2004. Holder said they developed a bond partly because Obama held a lot of the values he learned growing up in a West Indian household.

“My parents taught me that you had to work hard, that education was the key to a successful life and that you don’t make excuses for the bad things that happen to you,” he said after an address before the Black Caucus of the Democratic National Convention.  “West Indians are hardworking folk. There’s a lot in Barack that reminded me of that ethic.”

After months of exhaustive investigation and interviews, Holder and Caroline Kennedy helped Obama chose veteran Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.

Biden accepted his nomination on Wednesday. Obama accepted his with a highly anticipated speech yesterday at the Invesco Field Stadium in Denver, Colorado, before some 85,000 supporters of many races, including several from the Caribbean.

In a speech before a multi-ethnic audience of flag and placard-waving supporters, many openly cried as Obama laid out his vision for the country and urged all Americans not to turn back now.

“We need a president of the future. Not one who keeps grasping on the ideas of the past,” he urged, while slamming the policies of Republican nominee, John McCain, and consistently reminding those gathered that McCain sided with the President Bush on many failed policies. (CaribWorldNews)