Caribbean countries e-un-ready

NEW YORK, NY,June 28, 2007 – When it comes to E-readiness, Caribbean countries lag way down the global ranking according to a report released yesterday.

The Global Information Technology Report, 2006-2007, released yesterday, puts no Caribbean country in the top 30 countries worldwide who are E-ready. This means they do not have a high level of networked readiness as well as an excellent regulatory environment, a clear government leadership and vision in leveraging Internet-based information and communication technologies for growth and promoting ICT penetration and usage.

The only Caribbean countries in the top 40 were Barbados and Jamaica. Barbados came in at exactly 40th on a scale of 122, followed by Jamaica at 45. Barbados was, however, higher than India on the ranking scale.

The Dominican Republic was at 66 while Trinidad & Tobago was ranked at 68. Guyana was ranked way down the ladder, at 98 while Suriname was even lower ¨C at 110.

China and Bangladesh, both top destinations for outsourcing, were at the opposite ends of the scale ¨C with China ranking at 12 while Bangladesh was even lower than Suriname ¨C at 118.

Denmark took the number one spot while Sweden was second and Singapore was third. The US was lower down the rankings, at seventh.

The Report is produced by the World Economic Forum in cooperation with INSEAD, the leading international business school, and is sponsored this year by Cisco.

Under the theme, “Connecting to the Networked Economy,” The Global Information Technology Report appears at a critical juncture in the evolving role of ICT in the world economy, when access to the global network is increasingly perceived as an important cornerstone for the development of economies and societies. In line with the World Economic Forum¡¯s sustained efforts to expand the geographical coverage of the Report, this year seven new countries from diverse regions of the world (mainly Asia and Africa) have been included in the sample.

“It¡¯s no longer debatable as to whether or not the global economy will become networked ¨C the vast majority of industries are increasingly adopting networked business processes ¨C and the discussion now focuses not on if but how we get connected to maximize the benefits to business and society,” said John Chambers, President and CEO of Cisco.

The Networked Readiness Index examines the preparedness of countries to use ICT effectively on three dimensions: the general business, regulatory and infrastructure environment for ICT; the readiness of the three key stakeholders þu individuals, businesses and governments þu to use and benefit from ICT; and their actual usage of the latest information and communication technology available. (Copyright