Caribbean Media Workers Concerned Over Guyana Attacks

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Tues. Aug. 30, 2005: President of the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers, Wesley Gibbings, has expressed concern over two recent attacks on employees of two separate media entities in Guyana.

Gibbings comments came following a robbery assault on some staffers at the Stabroek News paper on Robb Street, Georgetown and the attack of a cameraman and a driver from the Evening News in Albouystown, Guyana.

The ACM head call on regional governments to continue to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to democratic traditions and the rule of law.

“Flagrant attacks on the media undermine the very freedoms we have earned and now enjoy,” he said in a statement yesterday. “They must be stopped.”

He also called on the government of Guyana, specifically, “…to do all in its power to protect media workers from acts of
aggression and violent retribution from individuals or groups implicated in their reports.”

Robert Persaud, information liaison to the President of Guyana, has expressed deep regrets on behalf of the government, to the two media entities.

The recent attacks comes as the Surinamese-born Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of America States, Albert Ramdin, criticized the rise of gangs in various countries of the hemisphere. Gangs, said Ramdin, promote “a culture of violence, illegality and despair” and provide fertile ground for further crime and terrorism.

And as President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Michael de la Bastide, told HBN, that while the surge in crime in the region may be attributable to deportees, the break down in family life and a parenting failure are also contributing factors. –