Caribbean to Benefit from Increased Humanitarian Assistance

Ronald Jackson, Executive Director of CDEMA (right) and Rescue Global’s Deputy CEO, Hannah Pathak after signing the MOU.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Friday September 21, 2018 
– The Caribbean region is poised to benefit from increased humanitarian assistance following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and humanitarian service provider, Rescue Global (RG).

Both CDEMA and Rescue Global will work together in strengthening capacities to better respond to and prepare for disasters and emergencies throughout the region. The CDEMA CU’s capacity will be enhanced with the participation of Rescue Global in the Regional Response Mechanism (RRM) through the provision of training, mentoring and knowledge exchange to CDEMA during non-response phases and supporting access, logistics, information and coordination needs that CDEMA identifies during response phases.

“CDEMA has long sought partnerships that are very much in line with the institutional vision around building the Regional Response Mechanism (RRM) and so we are pleased to have concluded successfully the negotiations and discussions with Rescue Global around this particular partnership. We are also quite excited about what the future holds in working with this UK based institution. This partnership will only redound to the benefit of CDEMA and the region,” said Ronald Jackson, Executive Director of CDEMA.

Rescue Global’s Deputy CEO, Hannah Pathak said Rescue Global was honoured to be signing the MoU.

“CDEMA has the mandate to prepare for and respond to disasters across the participating states of the Caribbean region. The Rescue Global mission is to save life by enabling others. This MoU represents a commitment by Rescue Global to support CDEMA to protect, prepare and respond to disasters,” she said.

The entities will also work in close coordination with each other during emergency humanitarian operations, for which modalities shall be established. This will include engaging in common activities in specific fields; joint advocacy on humanitarian issues and concerns; sharing expert advice on humanitarian institutional capacity building and promoting coordination on both Headquarters and Field levels.

“Together we will work on strategic training and governance programmes, and during times of disaster response, Rescue Global will provide aviation, maritime, operational and logistical support to CDEMA. We will work collectively to increase resilience to the variety of hazards that affect the Caribbean region, in order to protect and save lives,” said Pathak.

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