Chaos at Curacao airport: Two dead, six injured in drive-by shooting

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a terrified traveller is comforted in the arrivals hall after the shootings.

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao, Thursday July 17, 2014, CMC – Two people were killed and others injured in a drive by shooting late Tuesday at the Curacao international airport.

Dolfijn FM said the shooting occurred just outside the arrivals area at Curacao International Airport. It said one of the dead was a young man from the Buena Vista neighborhood of Curacao.

The police report that suspects in a white car were waiting for the victims and fired multiple shots, killing two and injuring six others.

The airport police engaged the suspects in a shootout, however they managed to flee the scene.

According to the Associated Press, last year, Curacao had 22 homicides, down from 45 in 2002. Among the 2013 slayings was the unsolved assassination of influential lawmaker Helmin Wiels, who was shot to death on a beach as he socialized and sipped a beer.

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  • Vicki

    Too many shootings. Guns are not the answer.

  • Disgruntledinontario

    Its not the guns that kill… Its the people holding them…. You can’t outlaw guns effectively but if the shooters thought that everybody else had a gun they would think twice about opening fire… I was at a bar in Texas when somebody drew a gun…. He put it away pretty quick when he realized that 20 others had their guns drawn also..