Cop Who Killed St Lucian in his Texas Apartment is Fired

Amber Guyger (left) has been fired, just under three weeks after fatally shooting Botham Jean (right).

TEXAS, United States, Tuesday September 25, 2018
– The policewoman who killed a 26-year-old St Lucian-born man in his home in Texas, saying that she thought it was her apartment, has been fired from the Dallas Police Department.

Amber Guyger lost her job yesterday, following weeks of protests and calls for her dismissal over the September 6 shooting of her neighbour, Botham Shem Jean.

Dallas Police Department chief, Ulysha Renee Hall announced the termination of the 30-year-old officer who entered Jean’s apartment and discharged her gun twice, hitting him once. The firing followed an Internal Affairs investigation.

Guyger was placed on administrative leave immediately after the shooting and subsequently slapped with a manslaughter charge. But Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson has said a grand jury could charge Guyger with a harsher crime.

Lawyers for the deceased’s family see her dismissal as a victory, although they are pushing for Guyger’s charge to be upgraded to murder.

Guyger told investigators that thought she was entering her own apartment, not realizing she was on the wrong floor of the building. But lawyers for the family have said the door was closed, and that neighbors heard someone banging on the door, demanding to be let in, before a gun was fired.

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