Court Orders Soca Star Destra to Pay for Rupturing Man’s Bladder During Performance

Destra Garcia and Fernando Oliva during the incident that the Belizean said resulted in his bladder being ruptured.


BELMOPAN, Belize, Tuesday July 4, 2017 – Destra Garcia’s energy on stage makes her one of the Caribbean’s most popular soca artistes, but it has landed her in trouble with the Belize Supreme Court.

The court has ordered the Trinidadian to pay just over US$8,000 after it found that she injured Belizean Fernando Oliva while gyrating on him at a concert in September 2015.

The man filed a lawsuit claiming that Garcia jumped on him and ruptured his bladder as she performed at The Carnival Overload concert.

According to his attorney, Steve Perrera, Oliva was called on stage to dance with Garcia but later had to be rushed to hospital.

“She had asked him to lay down on the ground, to close his eyes, and to put his hands behind his head…Thereafter, suddenly Miss Garcia jumped in the air and landed on [Oliva], thereby causing injury to him. As a result, after the event, he had to seek medical attention at the hospital,” the lawyer said.

“Our claim is a situation of negligence. We are saying that the musician was negligent in her actions and her actions thereby caused injury to the individual.”

The court granted a default judgment against Destra as she did not enter a defence. Lawyers said they are in talks with attorneys in Trinidad and Tobago to enforce the judgment in that jurisdiction. They have sought the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Trinidad and Tobago to serve Destra with the documents.

The soca artiste has the right to appeal the judgment in Belize.

She has promised to issue a statement through her attorney.

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  • He must have had a pre-existing condition. Then again, Destra is no featherweight!

    • Laurence Fedee

      Youre so right but sad to see it end in results of paying a fine oh well!?loose some win some🏆🏆

  • Soca baby

    As soca artiste should never touch a fan, next time pretend one of your crew is a fan and call him or her up from the audience. I never met someone from Belize who is honest. They are all liars and a money hungry bunch of bastards.

    • Demmy M. Williams

      Hey there soca baby. So you had a very strong start there in making a point… And then you fell off into the deep end and insulted an entire country based off who you think WE are. Well I’m here to say you don’t speak for my countrymen based off whatever chance encounter you may or may not have had. Take several seats. You don’t generalize 300,000+ people just like that. If you’re gonna make a point, make it but don’t resort to disrespecting an entire country.

  • Alexander Peralta

    If my bladder get busted because of someone’s fault you best BELIZE it you Gwen dah court. Socal baby you sound real ignorant and idiotic for saying something like that. I’m sure you would fit right in with those radical Islamic people who think all Muslims are theorists.

    Go try and educate yourself.

  • Rikkodee

    The video is clear, you hurt the man, so pay up and done wid it, then, make a song and get back times much!!!

  • Eloi George

    Was that video of it happening? Because if so, I’m not sure that Belizeans know where the bladder is. It is *not* on the upper thigh. She could’ve injured his hip, though.