New cancer fighting drug wins award

HAVANA, Cuba, Friday March 9, 2012 – Cuba may have made another break through in yet another cancer fighting drug.

This time it is the CIGB-300, a synthetic anti-tumor peptide-based drug designed to treat uterine cancer.

The drug received the special award granted by the Latin American Society of Pharmacology at the closing of the Havana 2012 Biotechnology Congress recently.

The drug was patented in 2001 and is now being mass-produced to be used in clinical trials that started in 2006 for stage one and two of uterine cancer.

Leader of the project, Silvio Perea explained the drug was developed by the Havana Genetic and Biotechnology Engineering Centre, and submitted to clinical trials to confirm its therapeutic efficacy.

Meanwhile, president of the institution, Rene Delgado said the product was acknowledged because of its positive results so far along the required pharmacological stages. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)