Deportation from Britain stayed for convicted Jamaican rapist

LONDON, England, September 14, 2007-  A 35-year-old Jamaican-born convicted rapist and drug dealer has won several judges support in a battle to have his deportation reconsidered.

Chan Wright, who is married to a British citizen but who lives in Scotland, yesterday won a second chance to have his deportation case be heard again. Judges at the Court of Session ruled Wright’s case should be reconsidered since the the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in 2005 had been “irrational” to brand him a high-risk re-offender.

Wright pleaded guilty to raping a 19-year-old woman at his home in Livingston, West Lothian in 1997 and was jailed for four years.  He was freed in early 2000 and formed a relationship with Kate Swinney, whom he subsequently married and fathered a child with. Wright had two children from a previous marriage.

He was charged and convicted again in 2002; this time for a motoring offence and of failing to notify police of his address, as required by the Sex Offenders Act.

The next year, 2003, he was given a four-month jail term for holding a packet of cocaine for someone else and was recommended deported.

But yesterday Lord Johnston, sitting with Lord Eassie and Lord Wheatley, upheld the appeal and ruled that the tribunal should look at his case again, especially as it relates to separation from his new wife who has made it clear she is not prepared to go to Jamaica with him if he was deported. “It is to be hoped that (Ms. Swinney’s” position) will be taken into account when the matter is reconsidered by the tribunal,” added Lord Johnston. –