Dominica health ministry declares Chikungunya epidemic officially over

Close up a Mosquito sucking human blood_set A-2ROSEAU, Dominica, Thursday February 26, 2015, CMC – The Ministry of Health says the chikungunya epidemic on the island officially ended on January 23.

The declaration is based on World Health Organization (WHO), recommendation that the end of a disease outbreak in a country can be declared over – once two maximum incubation periods have passed and no new cases have been detected.

“The incubation period for chikungunya ranges from 1 – 12 days…the last clinically diagnosed case of CHIKV in Dominica was on December 28, 2014. Since then 42 days (as of February 9), which is more than twice the maximum incubation period, have passed without a new case of chikungunya being detected in the country,” the Health Ministry said.

The disease had tremendous impact on Dominica with 3,764 cases reported across the island and 173 cases confirmed by laboratory testing.

One hundred and eleven persons were hospitalized during the epidemic.

The first confirmed reported case of the disease was in Dominica came from an individual who travelled from St. Martin.

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