Final Election Results Soon; Haiti Leader Appeals For Peaceful End To 2016

Final results are expected tomorrow, more than a month after the vote.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Wednesday December 28, 2016
— The final results of Haiti’s disputed presidential elections will be known tomorrow, according to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

Executive Director of the Provisional Electoral Council Uder Antoine says the process of verification of the results, ordered by the electoral court last week after three candidates challenged the November 20 results that saw Jovenel Moise winning outright with more than 55 per cent of the vote, is on track.

He said the process has been transparent and is being carried out in the presence of the parties.

Meantime, Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles has appealed to Haitians to unite for the good of the country in the run up to the end of year celebrations.

“The heart of this country, despite everything, is still pulsating at the rhythm of goodwill and determination to transcend the divisions and differences that can potentially engulf us,” he said in a message ahead of the celebrations.

“At the end of the year, I make a vibrant appeal for a truce. Let us bury the hatchet ladies and gentlemen, and smoke the calumet of peace, while having the courage to enter into constructive dialogue, even just for this period of grace.”

“I am aware that these celebrations will not be quite happy. The post-electoral political difficulties have not helped the government to create the conditions to deal with this serious economic crisis, which are affecting the most vulnerable state of the population,” he added.

Despite the difficulties, Jean-Charles maintained that: “We have thought of ad hoc measures to alleviate the suffering of the social strata most affected by this rapidly deteriorating of terms of exchanges, while considering that the priority of the day is to save the elections as the only means of renewal of political staff.”
“The lack of consensus and dialogue between members of the political class has long invalidated the many positive initiatives that could have led the country beyond the borders of ‘backwardness,’ instability and anarchy,” he added.

Indicating that the Christmas season should be a time of reconciliation, forgiveness and redemption, he called for peace and unity.

“On behalf of all members of the Government and on behalf of all my colleagues at the Primature, I wish you happy end-of-year celebrations and to approach the new year 2017 in peace, calm and in this spirit of patriotic union and hope for the well-being of the common homeland,” he said.

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