Former Guyana Government MP Could Be Extradited from Canada to Face Police Questions

Former government legislator Charrandass Persaud is currently in Canada where he is a citizen.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Tuesday January 22, 2019 – The government backbencher who helped Guyana’s Opposition bring down the David Granger administration in a no-confidence motion a month ago may be asked to return from Canada to be questioned by police in his homeland.

Police Commissioner Leslie James says the investigation into Charrandass Persaud has “gone a significant way” and lawmen will likely need to speak with him.

Earlier this month, James confirmed that police were investigating “a matter of national security” involving the ex-legislator who voted yes in the no-confidence motion, allowing it to pass 33-32 in the National Assembly on December 21, 2018. James was tight-lipped about the nature of the investigation, however, saying that it is “a sensitive matter”.

Persaud left Guyana for Canada, where he is a citizen, hours after the motion passed. He has denied that he was bribed to side with the Opposition in the vote which is now being challenged in the courts.

Speaking at a press conference to give an update on the progress of the police investigation, Commissioner James said: “We have gone in a significant way, and I can say this: if we were to compare what I have read so far and what we have had, there may be reason, need for us to speak to Mr Persaud.”

“If we are advised…if it becomes necessary to seek an extradition, we will so do,” he added.

But James insisted that Persaud has not been found guilty of anything, and he declined to give details about the police probe.

“I will not be prejudicial with the investigation. This is an impartial investigation that we have undertaken…We are not seeking to manufacture anything,” he said.

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