Former Guyana minister launches defence in face of Wikileaks defamation lawsuit

Gail Teixeira

Former Minister of Home Affairs Gail Teixeira


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, November 19, 2015 – Former Minister of Home Affairs Gail Teixeira is defending her actions in the wake of a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by her predecessor Ronald Gajraj, following the release of incriminating US diplomatic cable by Wikileaks.

Gajraj is claiming GUY$10 million (US$ 49,096) for defamation of character by both Teixeira and the Guyana Chronicle newspaper, GUY$10 million from the publication for publishing the statements, and aggravated and punitive damages in excess of GUY$10 million.

Gajra has been implicated in certain practices at the General Register Office (GRO), according to Wikileaks.

But Teixeira, who is cited as providing information on the ex-minister in the cable, has challenged the accuracy of the information.

“The American Embassy was asked by me to please provide evidence of these fake documents. Now the GRO ones were particularly disturbing because they were actually authentic birth certificates with the watermark of the GRO, with the signatures of people who worked at the GRO but the information on it was false,” she said at a press conference held at the headquarters of the People’s Progressive Party.

“Those persons didn’t exist and from that false document, it then created another false document, fake passports.”

Teixeira said the passports were real, “but the persons on [them] were not real; and it was that evidence I asked for from the Americans.”

“The Americans brought me also fictitious marriage certificates…As a result of this, action was taken to have investigations, and there were several police investigations under Mr [Winston] Felix as Commissioner of Police,” she added.

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