Founder of Political Party in The Bahamas Walking Away from Leadership

Branville McCartney is stepping down from the leadership of the DNA.


NASSAU, The Bahamas, Wednesday October 11, 2017 – Declaring that he was no good for the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Branville McCartney yesterday announced that he would step down as party leader in another two weeks.

“It’s not a decision I thought I would be making but I think the results of the election dictates that this was the right thing to do,” he told reporters.

Bruised by stinging results in the May 10 general election, which saw the minority party losing much of the support it had in the 2012 poll, the outspoken politician admitted that the outcome was an outright rejection of the DNA under his leadership.

“At this stage, there has been a rejection of me as leader of the DNA. I have to accept that. I think leading the party, I don’t think would be good at this stage in light of the recent election.”

In that poll which the Free National Movement (FNM) won, the DNA received 7,537 votes compared to the 13,000 it got in 2012.

He also partly blamed his rivals whom he said succeeded in turning Bahamians against him.

“Other parties have done a good job politically of giving the impression that I’m someone I’m not – arrogant, self-centred, power-hungry. Obviously that is the minds of Bahamians and a lot of that had to do with the party not succeeding in my mind. It’s a difficult position to take, but it’s a necessary one,” McCartney said.

He further suggested that the overpowering preference for the country’s two oldest parties was a major factor.

“The bottom line is they wanted to get rid of the FNM in the previous election and they brought back the PLP [Progressive Liberal Party]; now they wanted to get rid of the PLP, but they went back to the FNM. I have a difficulty with that scenario in its entirety because if they really wanted to get rid of the PLP the DNA should have gotten some more votes,” McCartney said.

However, he signaled that despite his resignation as DNA leader, his political career was not over. He said while he had no intention of holding any formal posts in the minority party, he would remain vigilant in the background.

“I would assume the leader of the party will take on more of that visible role but I’m always here to comment and speak on and hopefully offer whatever assistance necessary for the betterment of the country. I want to see a good country and our Bahamian people safe and successful and prosperous.”

McCartney formed the DNA after resigning from the FNM in 2011.

When he officially steps down on October 24, the party’s deputy leader Christopher Mortimer will become interim leader and a new deputy leader will be elected at a special meeting the same day.

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