Gold for Grenada at Chelsea Flower Show

LONDON, England, Friday May 25, 2012 – The Grenada exhibit at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show 2012 has won a coveted Gold Medal, the tenth to be awarded to Suzanne Gaywood MBE and the Spice Island’s pavilion since 1998.

Billed “Tropical Paradise”, the exhibit comprised  heliconias, gingers, musas, anthuriums, orchids and other rain forest plants adorning a rustic circular pavilion in an explosion of colour and scent that provided an authentic taste of Grenada.

The flowers and spices were grown in Grenada by members of the Chelsea team and arranged to Suzanne’s design, and enthralled Press Day visitors including HM The Queen and celebrities such as Sir Trevor McDonald, Piers Morgan, Jerry Hall and Ringo Starr.

Each year since 1998, Suzanne has taken her inspiration from Grenadian beaches, forests and gardens, creating a variety of settings that always showcase the spices and blooms of her homeland to best advantage.

“Legend has it that if you push a stick into the ground anywhere on the island of Grenada, it will grow.  This is due to the fertile soil, plentiful rainfall and perfect climate in which spice trees grow in abundance alongside tropical and subtropical plants of every description,” Suzanne said.

Commenting on her team’s achievement, she explained: “We have organised the Grenada exhibit at Chelsea for the past 15 years and it is always a thrill to win a Gold Medal. The pavilion is a showcase for my bountiful muse, Grenada, and gives a genuine taste of the lush flora and abundant spices that fill the sea breezes with their delicate fragrances. I’m delighted for each of the growers and gardeners involved and thank them all for their hard work and dedication.”

Grenada’s High Commissioner Ruth Elizabeth Rouse was at the show and commented: “Chelsea is the world’s leading gardening event and the exhibit created by Suzanne and her UK and Grenada team provides an authentic and inspiring vision of the Isle of Spice.”

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