Green Infrastructure for Latin America and the Caribbean: Rich in Water, yet Thirsty

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Tuesday August 28, 2018 – Latin America and the Caribbean needs to progress towards a wiser combination of green and traditional infrastructure to satisfy the water needs of the 21st century.

That is the main message of the Latin America and the Caribbean Focus at the Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week (Eye on LAC) being held Stockholm this week.

The meeting, attended by government and civil society representatives as well as private sector companies and academics from around the world under the motto “Water, ecosystems and human development” is focusing on the need to invest in nature-based solutions to address the threats associated with climate change, increased water variability and stressed ecosystems.

The discussions, which conclude on August 31, highlight the need for new approaches to development and planning so that we can build more resilient and resourceful societies. Green infrastructure is an approach to the management of water resources that protects, restores and imitates the natural water cycle.

Eye on Latin America and the Caribbean holds four theme sessions on: Mainstreaming natural infrastructure in water projects; Green-gray infrastructure: the case for investment; Natural infrastructure and the water-food-energy nexus; and Water reserves: an ecological water management model. There will be also a session on Water Funds, a nature-based solutions to achieve water security in Latin America and the Caribbean, as part of the SIWI Sofa series. This discussion will be broadcast via Livestream.

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