Grenada Keeps Homosexuality, Prostitution As Crimes

Hardbeatnews, ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Tues. Nov. 28, 2006: Grenada’s Health Minister has reiterated that the island will not legalize homosexuality and prostitution.

Senator Ann David-Antoine made the declaration to reporters here yesterday, stating, “Every sovereign country has to take on board its own cultural situation, the faith and religious situation within the country.”

Her comments came following a recommendation from the United Nations Development Program in Barbados to allow homosexuality and prostitution across the spice isle as a plan to combating HIV-AIDS.

David-Antoine added that like Barbados, the rules against prostitution will remain in effect for the upcoming 2007 cricket World Cup.

Homosexuality and prostitution remains a crime in many Caribbean countries, particularly former colonies of Britain despite heavy criticism from gay rights activists in particular, who view the laws as homophobic. –