Guyana Parliament convenes

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, September 29, 2006 – Guyana’s ninth parliament opened yesterday after a delay of more than four weeks, with President Bharrat Jagdeo urging for “political trust” to achieve the task of building the country.

Jagdeo, who was on Wednesday given the green light by the courts to open the session following rumblings of constitutional breach by the opposition, said he is committed to a new political framework that will include meaningful engagement with all political parties, reform of the legislative and judicial branches of government and continuous engagement with all stakeholders.

The core elements of the task towards political transformation he said, includes constitutional and legislative reform that would involve all political parties represented in Parliament and the wider civil society.

The President added that his government is committed to fighting against corruption and ensuring transparency and accountability in the affairs of government.

And said as a government “we will take all necessary measures to create a society where there are equal opportunities for all…a more inclusive system where there is equal treatment before the law and by all agencies whether public or private.”

Meanwhile, Robert Corbin, leader of the People’s National Congress Reform-One Guyana, continued to stress the “unconstitutionality” of the sitting of the National Assembly. At a press conference at his party’s Congress Place in Greater Georgetown, Corbin said he was shocked at the court decision of Chief Justice Carl Singh on Wednesday, when the latter ruled against opposition challenges to President Bharrat Jagdeo’s convening of Parliament and the appointment of cabinet ministers.

And Corbin only yesterday morning submitted, to the Guyana Elections Commission its list of candidates from the recent general elections to be members of the parliament.

The named PNCR Parliamentarians are Corbin, Winston Murray; Clarissa Riehl, who was elected deputy speaker; E. Lance Carberry, chief whip; Deborah Backer; Anthony Vieira; Basil Williams; Dr George Norton; Volda Lawrence; Keith Scott; Amna Ally; James McAllister; Dave Dibar Danny; Aubrey Norton; Ernest Barnabas Elliot; Judith David-Blair; Mervyn Williams; Africo Selman; Dr John Austin; Jennifer Wade; Vanessa Kissoon and Desmond Fernandes.

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