New visa requirements to enter Guyana

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday February 6, 2012 – All travellers to Guyana will be issued with a visa on arrival.

These new procedures following a Cabinet will now see four categories of visas for people entering the country. Those are visitor, employment, student and business.

Speaking during a recent Press conference, Guyana’s Home Affairs minister, Clement Rohee explained visitors to Guyana will now be allowed a maximum of a three-month stay in the country and required to pay US$25 for each month in the country.

Employers bringing someone to Guyana to work now have to pay US$140 for a three-year employment visa and a similar sum for every renewal, while student visas will also cost US$140 for a three-year period, and a similar amount for renewal.

However, all those entering Guyana for business will also pay US$140 for an business visa which will be valid for up to five years, and a similar sum for its renewal.
Speaking during a Press conference recently, Rohee said Guyana had several reciprocal agreements that allowed certain categories of visitors to enter the country without visas.

However, he said cited global trends and the need for Guyana to accelerate its development and liberalise its immigration policies as the recent for the change that took effect in May 2011.

These global trends include the demands of globalization, initiatives like the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, and social issues like the Trafficking In Persons, drugs, fugitives from other countries and terrorists.

Initial reports indicate that the new policy has been working smoothly with authorized embassies and consulates abroad being allowed to issue the visas under specified conditions. Those conditions are listed on the Ministries’ of Home and Foreign Affairs, and the Guyana Police Force’s websites. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)