Haiti: MINUSTAH Pledges To Pursue Gangs

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, February 26, 2007 – Officials of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti have vowed to continue to pursue gangs that are bent on increasing violence in the country.

The announcement comes as United Nations peacekeepers announced the total arrest of 59 suspected gangsters since they launched a crack-down on armed gangs at the beginning of this month in Cité Soleil, which accounts for quarter of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. Among those nabbed was alleged gang leader named Johnny Pierre Louis, also known as Ti Bazil, the presumed perpetrator of numerous murders and other bloody crimes.

“We will continue to pursue the gangs who dig ditches to prevent the free movement of peacekeepers in order to commit their acts of banditry against the local population and impede their access to public services,” stated MINUSTAH military spokesperson Major Laurie Arellano Friday. “We will continue these operations for a better future and for bringing security to the territory of the country, which will allow significant progress and lead to a stable society.”

However, another presumed gang leader, Amaral Duclonat, remains on the lam but Arellano insisted they will “… continue to look for him to bring him to justice for the harm he has caused the Haitian people.” (Copyright Hardbeatnews.com)