Herb Cuisine: Bob Marley’s Daughter Releasing Cookbook Of Marijuana Recipes

Cedella Marley, the firstborn of Bob and Rita Marley, will launch her cookbook later this year.


KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thursday April 27, 2017 – A new cookbook with delightful recipes using marijuana will hit the market soon. And it’s coming from daughter of late Jamaican and international reggae icon Bob Marley.

On July 25, Chief Executive Officer at Tuff Gong International Cedella Marley, the firstborn of Bob and Rita Marley, will launch her Cooking with Herb: 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle.

The book, which is already being promoted on major online platforms, including Amazon, is being touted as “more than a collection of recipes—it’s a lifestyle book reflecting the Marley Natural brand’s holistic clean living philosophy.”

It promises to show readers how they can experience the healing benefits of cannabis, “safely and pleasurably”.

Marley guides readers on the questions they should ask at dispensaries, offers insights on today’s more potent weed, and demystifies the process behind controlling the dosage of cannabis in edibles.

The 240-page book will feature a collection of more than 75 Caribbean-inflected, canna-boosted recipes.  It also provides recipes for homemade scrubs and hair treatments.

The book is expected to retail for just under US$30.

Last February, the Marley Group of Companies, backed by a venture capital firm, licensed its name to create Marley Natural, a United States-based company that sells herb and accessories.

Cedella’s brother, Ziggy, published his own cookbook last October while sibling, Damian, has launched his own cannabis line called Stony Hill.

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  • Professor

    Disgraceful…….marijuana is not safe and it gives the illusion of pleasure. No matter how the Marley family markets it, it is still an illegal drug no matter what the quantity, how it is used and where it is used. It affects your reasoning, critical thinking skills, ability to use logic, rationalize and make effective decisions.

    • In Jamaica where Cedella is from it is legal to have five cannabis plants. I know many people who smoke it and have good critical thinking skills. There are many by products that have been derived from cannabis with proven benefits.

      • Professor

        Name one Jamaican pothead who has achieved anything worthy of mention. After smoking weed, all you do is talk $hit, have sex, eat then go to sleep. You may write some lyrics to a song at best.

        • You clearly have a very closed minded view of weed smokers .

          • Kat

            Who cares Ganga is good but Cedella is not. She is evil no doubt you’ll be fooled and give this fool attention.. she is EVIL.. evil evil evil woman