‘Hillbilly’ Deejay Is Latest Haiti Kidnap Victim

Hardbeatnews, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Dec. 30, 2005: A 33-year-old American citizen, who lives in Haiti and plays punk and country music on 90.1 Radio One there, is reportedly the country’s latest kidnap victim.

Alain Maximilien, who calls himself the ‘Haitian Hillbilly,” was kidnapped Wednesday night along with a friend outside a Port-au-Prince apartment, the Miami Herald quoted his parents and friends as saying.

He was apparently dropping off a friend in Petionville after a radio show, when they were both snatched. His father told the Herald that the abductors later called and demanded a $2 million ransom.

But the father claimed he does not have that kind of money and has instead hired a private negotiator get his son released. He’s also notified the U.S. embassy.
FBI statistics claim some 28 U.S. citizens were abducted between April and mid-December while three were slain resisting abduction attempts.

Maximilien was born in New York City to an Irish American mother and a biracial Haitian father, according to an expose done on him by the Herald in August.

The kidnapping comes as UN security forces seem to be fighting a losing battle to maintain law and order, especially in the slum of Cite Soleil. Ten UN peacekeepers have died so far this year and dozens of civilians as the country gears up for its general election on January 8, 2006. – Hardbeatnews.com