Hurricane Maria Makes Impact on Tiny Montserrat

BRADES, Montserrat, Wednesday September 20, 2017 – It was not among the worst affected, but Montserrat did not go untouched by Category 5 Hurricane Maria.

Electricity is off across the 39-square-mile island, and most of the road network has been affected by downed trees and power lines as well as other loose debris, especially in the north, the island’s National Disaster Preparedness Response Advisory Committee (NDPRAC) has reported.

It said some areas are still “impassable and dangerous”.

As a result, only a “partial all clear” has been issued for the British overseas territory which is located about 27 miles southwest of Antigua and about 30 miles northwest of Guadeloupe.

That means only essential services are allowed on the roads to ensure works are carried expeditiously to clear all the streets and restore essential services island wide.

Emergency service crews are carrying out assessments to ensure that all roads are safe and vital services are restored.

Governor Elizabeth Carriere and Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson have announced that all Government offices will remain closed until further notice, with the exception of essential services.

“However, senior officials in each department will ask staff to report to work according to the specific needs of their departments,” the NDPRAC said.

All private and public schools will remain closed for the rest of the week.

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