Independent medical report: Castro does not have cancer

HAVANA, Cuba, Weds. December 27, 2006 – Dr Jose Luis Garcia Sobredo, who was in Havana last week, is brushing aside reports that Cuban president Fidel Castro, has cancer and needs further surgery.

Dr. Garcia, who reportedly flew to Cuba for a medical examination of Castro following his surgery to stop intestinal bleeding, told reporters upon his return to Madrid that Castro’s condition is stable and he does not have cancer and does not require additional surgery.

“Fidel Castro does not suffer from any malignancy,” Sabrido was quoted in media reports as saying at Madrid’s Gregorio Maranon hospital, where he is chief surgeon. “It is a benign process in which he has suffered a series of complications.”

Dr. Garcia’s specialty is the digestive system and transplants. His comments came following several reports in the US media that claimed intelligence sources said the Cuban leader has cancer and a short time to live.

Cuban officials have denied these reports and has shown pictures of Castro recuperating. His brother Raul, whom he appointed in July prior to his surgery, is running the country and has so far said he is open to bilaterals with the US. (