International Aid Arrives in The Bahamas

Crew members and workers of Freeport Harbour helped to unload water donated to NEMA from RCCL as a part of Hurricane Relief efforts.

GRAND BAHAMA, The Bahamas, Friday September 6, 2019 – International supplies for the residents of Grand Bahama who had been devastated by Hurricane Dorian began arriving yesterday, as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line brought in cooked meals and water, along with boat loads of other food items and supplies.

The goods were delivered at the Freeport Harbour.

“This is a coordinated effort on between Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and NEMA [National Emergency Management Agency] in Grand Bahama to assist victims of Hurricane Dorian disaster,” said President of the Senate Katherine Forbes-Smith, who is assisting the Government and NEMA in their restoration efforts.

“Royal Caribbean is one of our international partners who has had a working relationship with The Bahamas for some 40 years. So, they wanted to reach out and do what they could to assist Grand Bahama during this time.”

Thursday’s delivery of food items and supplies was made by the Empress of the Seas. Because of the possibility of debris in the water, the cruise ship did not dock at the harbour, but out to sea, where tug boats loaded the supplies and delivered them to waiting trucks on the dock.

Alex De Roeck of Royal Caribbean said this kind of humanitarian effort is a part of Royal Caribbean’s operational profile.

Adding that the relationship between Royal Caribbean and the Bahamas has been a long, established one, he said: “So, we try to reinvest in the local community and also try to assist that community when things like this happens. Because we have this long relationship with the islands, we want to do our part to support them and to get them back on their feet.”

In addition to daily meals, Royal Caribbean is donating other items including generators, blankets, towels, tissue, cereals, canned goods and other dry goods.

RCCL is providing foodstuff and other relief supplies in addition to daily cooked meals.

Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson welcomed the joint relief effort, noting that several international companies, corporations and individuals have expressed their interest in doing what they can to assist Grand Bahama at this time.

“We have been in contact with many of those people and there is a huge desire by our international friends to do what they can to help us,” he said on Wednesday night.

“Through NEMA, we are organizing to properly bring in the aid that is being offered and to ensure that they are properly distributed to the residents of Grand Bahama.”

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