Jamaica imposes ban on North American poultry products

poultry-ban-test-740KINGSTON, Jamaica, Friday March 20, 2015, CMC – The Jamaica government has imposed a ban on the importation of poultry products from North America following reports of an outbreak of Bird Flu.

The Ministry of Agriculture said the ban applies to poultry products from the US states of Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington and British Columbia in Canada.

The list includes all poultry products, by-products and eggs and the authorities here said that the ban is intended to safeguard the poultry industry.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture has established a National Emergency Animal Disease Committee (NEADCOM) to oversee programmes necessary to ensure the island’s preparedness to handle outbreaks of animal diseases, including Bird Flu.

While Jamaica is currently free of the disease, poultry farmers have been warned to avoid contact between their poultry and wild birds by proofing their poultry houses.

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