Jamaica’s murder rate shows 30 per cent drop

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday April 30, 2012 – Jamaica’s murder rate is on the decline.

This according to recent figures which show that the number of murders occurring daily in Jamaica have dropped from 3.1 per day, to two per day, reflecting a 30 per cent decrease since January.

National Security Minister, Peter Bunting said this was as a result of new crime fighting measures and strategies which were bearing fruits.

Mr. Bunting is quoted as saying that all major crimes in the country were trending downward over the past few months, but he urged all not to become complacent.

While addressing business leaders and other private sector interest groups during the Meet the Ministers Power Breakfast session recently, Mr. Bunting drew attention to a World Bank report which indicated that crime was the number one obstacle to growth and development.

He lamented that Jamaicans appeared to be tolerant about the country’s high crime levels, but noted that without the high levels of crime, the Jamaican economy and earnings per capita could be between three and 10 times higher than current levels.

Mr. Bunting noted that it was important to bring Jamaica’s murder rate in line with those of first world levels, rather than the 100 per month it was recording previously.

The Minister noted that despite initial apprehension by members of the public that the goal to reduce crime levels would be achievable, success was being recorded through the ongoing communications programme.

Meanwhile, the promulgation of a National Security Policy is expected to provide the strategic framework over the next five years.

However, while success is being seen on one end, Mr. Bunting has spoken out against defects in the judicial system which he said handicapped the speedy dispensation of justice, in particular, what he termed as the “Culture of adjournments”. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)