Jamaican mother wants answers about son’s death

by Jasminee Sahoye
HBN Canada

Toronto, Canada, June 30, 2006 – The mother of 20-year-old Jamaican national, Jermaine Osbourne, who was shot several times three weeks ago and died earlier this week, wants to know who fired the shots that killed her son.

Roslyn Osbourne tearfully asked members of the media this week to help her get answers after her son succumb at St Michael’s Hospital on Wednesday. “I want to know why a person puts seven shots on a person.  What did that person do to deserve that?” she questioned.

The brazen daylight shooting on Albert Franck Place, forced lock downs at Front and Jarvis, Toronto schools on June 6, 2006, as Osbourne was going to play basketball, police said.

His father this week said he doesn’t want the cycle of violence to continue and he is pleading with his son’s friends not to take the law into their hands, noting that his acquaintances are visually upset that their buddy has died.

Since the shooting, police have unsuccessfully tried to determine the motive for the shooting and find the gunman.  They are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Police said Osbourne was shot several times in his back and fell to the ground.  His friends stayed by his side to comfort him. Residents of the neighborhood said they were surprised to hear gunshots in the area, which is usually a quiet one.

Witnesses recall the horrific incident in which the gunman continued to pump bullets into his victim long after he fell to the ground.

“I saw him drop to the ground and he was rolling over holding his stomach.  I heard four very large bangs,” Heather Johnson recalled.

When officers arrived at the scene after several 911 calls that day, more than a dozen bullets and shell cases were scattered on the street and two bicycles had been abandoned at the curb, just a few meters from where Osbourne had collapsed.

Detective Wayne Banks said he does not yet know whether the bikes belonged to the victim or suspects, adding that there was initially hope that Osbourne would survive his injuries.

He credits the quality of the work by paramedics and hospital staff that provided emergency medical care for keeping the wounded man alive.  Osbourne reportedly had some minor contact with police but police would not comment further.

“I don’t think anything of his past or his involvement with police had anything to do with the shooting,” Banks said. “We’re trying to put all of the pieces together now.” (Hardbeatnews.com)  

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