LAPD investigating Chris Brown death threats

CALIFORNIA, United States, Friday May 24, 2013 – Chris “Breezy” Brown seems to have had the wind taken out of his sails of late. His on-again-off-again relationship with Barbadian superstar Rihanna is once more on the skids, and he went home empty-handed from Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, crushing any hopes he may have held for the Top R&B Artist and/or Top R&B Album crowns.

To rub salt in the wound, both of the coveted titles went to his stellar ex-girlfriend, who swept all three R&B awards, as well as Top Radio Songs Artist to emerge tied with Gotye for the second most awards of the night.

In recent weeks, the singer has even managed to antagonize his neighbours, with the sudden appearance of grotesque graffiti depicting goblins or demons – no one seems quite sure what the scary scrawlings are – on the exterior walls of his mansion in upscale Hollywood Hills.

Everything is nevertheless reported to have taken a back seat to concerns of a deadlier nature since word got out that 24-year-old Brown’s life may be on the line at the hands of person or persons unknown.  

According to a report on celebrity website TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating death threats against the singer after several were called into the office of his attorney Mark Geragos.

It’s no secret that Brown has generated a lot of ill will over the years, starting with his savage assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, which turned millions of people worldwide into Brown-haters for life.

More recently, music’s bad boy and Canadian rapper Drake have traded insults ever since they went for each other’s throats in the much-publicised fight at celebrity hotspot WIP last June. The punch-up was allegedly over Rihanna, who Drake had briefly dated when her relationship with Brown was ostensibly over for good.

Earlier this year, Brown made headlines again for his involvement in a heated confrontation with Frank Ocean over a parking spot, during which Brown allegedly threatened to shoot the openly-gay Grammy Award-winner.

Brown’s other recent outbursts have reportedly involved everyone from a humble parking valet to the more formidable Patrick “Big Pat” Strickland, Brown’s former bodyguard, who took a bottle to the head in the line of duty during the infamous 2012 nightclub brawl.

Breezy is even said to have stirred up an ill wind halfway across the world in Africa, where he allegedly flouted the law by smoking weed on stage during a performance in Ghana and reportedly encouraged his audience to follow suit.

But who would genuinely want to see Brown dead? That’s what the LAPD is said to be trying to find out.

Brown, meanwhile, is reportedly trying to stay positive under the pressure. After performing his hit Fine China at the Billboard Awards on Sunday, he tweeted, “Lil hoarse for the performance but it happens. Good sh*t otherwise.”

He also seemed to find a kindred spirit in Justin Bieber, who had drawn a barrage of boos at the Awards. Backing up Bieber following the 19-year-old singer’s speech in which he urged fans to take him seriously as an artist and ignore all the other “bull”, Brown tweeted, “Congrats @justinbieber. Focus and f**k the bullsh*t! Love ya boy!” Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)