Man with rare medical condition says 100 orgasms a day make his life hell


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WISCONSIN, United States, Thursday October 2, 2014 – In September 2012, when a young American father of two slipped a disc in his back while getting out of a chair, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.

Two years and roughly 70,000 orgasms later, Dale Decker is a housebound recluse, unable to work, function normally as a husband and father, or leave home, for fear of experiencing one of more of his uncontrollable, 100-odd daily orgasms in public.

The 2012 injury triggered persistent genital arousal syndrome, a rare and little understood condition that can be brought on by trauma to the pelvic nerves.

According to the 37-year-old, it has ruined his life.

Speaking on ITV’s “This Morning” via video call from his native Wisconsin, Decker said: “It’s completely changed everything I have ever done. I can’t do anything, I can’t get a job. You have to understand that in America 90 percent of the jobs are service industry and nobody would ever put me in front of their customers so working is pretty much out of the question.

“I don’t go around kids,” he continued, visibly upset. “My own children didn’t even know what the word orgasm was until Tuesday when some kids in school had apparently seen the video on YouTube.

“How do you explain an orgasm to an 11-year-old child?”

The physical manifestations of his condition are unpredictable and sometimes dramatic, moreover.

“There are different intensities. The ones that cause me to fall to the floor feel like all the muscles from my chest to my thighs have gone rock hard and everything just seizes up,” he explained.

“It hurts and it feels good at the same time and you have all these things running through your head as they happen. You don’t want to be around anyone and you don’t want anyone to see it.”

Decker, who lives with his wife April and sons Christian, 12, and Tayten, 11, rarely has sex with his wife despite suffering from a near-constant erection.

“Occasionally we will but it’s very frustrating for both of us,” he said.

Distressed by the present and concerned about the future, all Decker wants is a resumption of his former lifestyle.

“I’ve tried reading about it, tried going to doctors but nobody can help me. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“I just want to get my old life back. I just want to get back what this condition has taken from me,” he lamented.

For her part, while doing all she can to support her husband, April Decker said his condition is “hard to live with.”

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