Marleys Hope To Stir Up Music Scene With Eco-Friendly Turntable

The turntable is made of recyclable aluminum, bamboo, recycled silicone rubber and fabric made from upcycled hemp and plastic bottles. (Photo: House of Marley)


MICHIGAN, United States, Monday April 18, 2017 – With vinyl making a comeback, the company named after late reggae star Bob Marley is about to launch an eco-friendly turntable – on Earth Day, appropriately.

House of Marley’s ‘Stir it Up’ turntable is constructed from environmentally sustainable material and will go on sale on Saturday, April 22.

The classically designed device and category first for the company which already offers a range of sustainable music devices, uses recyclable aluminum, bamboo, the House of Marley’s own Regrind recycled silicone rubber and the company’s Rewind fabric made from upcycled hemp and plastic bottles.

Rohan Marley, one of Marley’s sons, told CNBC that House of Marley’s emphasis on eco-friendly products are part of his desire to “bring life” to a sector like electronics, where manufacturing may not place a premium on sustainability.

“We, as the Marley family, won’t be responsible for destroying the community,” said Marley, the business’ brand ambassador. “We want to bring life. We want to enhance life.”

“When you pick up a House of Marley product, it’s not just about the music, it’s also about how it’s created,” he added.

In anticipation of the turntable’s release, a limited edition 7” vinyl set of Marley family recordings will also be made available as an exclusive giveaway, according to Billboard which reported that only 500 sets were produced.

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