Montserrat’s Premier Replaced at Helm of Ruling Party Ahead of Elections

Premier Donaldson Romeo, who formed the PDM ahead of the 2014 elections, was replaced as party leader during an election held yesterday.

BRADES, Montserrat, Wednesday October 9, 2019 – When the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDM) seeks a second term in office in next month’s general elections, it will be without Premier Donaldson Romeo at its helm.

Romeo, who formed the PDM ahead of the 2014 elections, announced today that he has been replaced as party leader by Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour, Paul Lewis, an internal election held yesterday.

New PDM leader, Paul Lewis.

“Having participated in a democratic process, I will respect the outcome. This means that up until the day of the election, I will continue to perform my constitutional duties as premier and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Montserrat for their support, prayers and encouragement over the past five years,” he said.

The development came two days after Romeo announced November 18 as Election Day.

Lewis accepted his new role “with the utmost humility and an overwhelming sense of duty and responsibility” to the people of Montserrat.

He thanked PDM members “for deciding to place their confidence in me to lead our party into this upcoming general election” and also expressed profound thanks to Romeo whom he said had navigated his way through the challenges the PDM met when it took office in 2014.

In the upcoming election, the PDM will face the Montserrat United Labour Party, The Movement for Change and Prosperity, Montserrat National Congress, and several independent candidates.

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