Barbados Opposition’s no-confidence motion fails

new mia mottley

The third no-confidence motion brought by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley failed 12 to 16.


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Friday May 13, 2016 – With the support of a former Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) parliamentarian, the government early this morning successfully defended a no-confidence motion – the third to be brought since the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) won the 2008 elections.

The motion, led by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley failed just after 2 a.m. when 12 BLP MPs voted in favour, and 15 members of the government benches voted no, along with Independent MP for Christ Church West Dr. Maria Agard, who was expelled from the BLP last year.

During her presentation on Tuesday, Mottley had argued that the government was mishandling the economy, and outlined its failures in various sectors.

She was supported by MPs on her side, while members of the ruling DLP dismissed the motion as a waste of time, insisting that government was making moves to put the economy back on track.

In her contribution to the debate last night, Dr. Agard was biting in her criticism of both parties, saying that they had failed the people of Barbados.

“In our desire for supremacy, we have a tear-down society and the modus operandi is to destroy our opponents with character assassination and parody and by extension to ascribe only the most evil and diabolical intentions to anyone not sharing our agenda,” she said.

Dr. Agard, refused to support the no-confidence motion and questioned its purpose, as she insisted that the country needs a revolution and not a resolution.

“The only thing that we are really arguing about here is . . . a betrayal of the public trust and the gang-rape of the public purse,” she contended, dismissing the motion as “futile”.

She also harshly criticized the BLP leader.

“I have grappled with the sincerity of this resolution because it represents to my mind…the rabid, unrelenting, hasty, self-serving, political opportunism that represents the DNA of the author of this document,” Dr. Agard said.

“So hasty to demand obsequious obedience and subjugation even when the record shows – contrary to a well-publicized PR programme – that theirs is a history of chaos, control, insecurity, undermining and failure to bring any project conceptualized to a fruitful conclusion.”

Dr. Agard is currently awaiting judgment in her court challenge to her expulsion from the party.

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