Norwegian firm to look for oil in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica, January 30, 2009 – The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) will partner with Norwegian firm, Wavefield Inseis, in a three-month seismic operation to explore for oil and gas resources in Jamaica’s territorial waters.

The multi client survey – which will be conducted to source data for sale to multiple parties, based on the results of the exploration – involves the utilisation of a vessel carrying a sound source and towing a cable fitted with listening devices (a streamer). The sound pulses penetrate the seabed and reflects and records, by streamer, to produce an image of the strata, thereby identifying structures which could host oil or gas reserves.

The cost of this PCJ acquisition programme will be in excess of US$8 million and the survey operation will last for three months.

Speaking aboard the MV Discoverer 2 which will be used to conduct the survey, Energy Minister Clive Mullings, said he was delighted with the operation.

“We are happy that we will be collecting data .We are confident, quite frankly, based on other seismic surveys, that there are indications of gas and oil,” he said, noting that a bidding process will be undertaken later this year based on the findings.

“We are very hopeful, and I believe that we will achieve that elusive fossil fuel…The operations to be undertaken [are] critical…because the data will guide us, and find those partners who will look into it,” the Minister added.

Operations Manager at Wavefield Inseis, Francis McLaughlin, said he hoped it would be a “very successful survey and a safe survey for everybody”.