OAS Urges Countries to Ignore Venezuela Court’s Extradition Requests for Men Implicated in Alleged Assassination Attempt on President Maduro

The court is led by Maikel Moreno (centre), a Maduro ally. (Photo credit: Aljazeera)

CARACAS, Venezuela, Wednesday August 22, 2018
– The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) has urged countries in the hemisphere to ignore any attempted acts by Venezuela’s “illegitimate Supreme Court of Justice”, particularly extradition requests.

The OAS Secretariat made the call on the heels of what it said are “spurious extradition requests” made by the court, “headed by its illegal president Maikel Moreno”, which are linked to the alleged attack against the country’s President, Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has formally requested the extradition of eight Venezuelan nationals living abroad who have been implicated in the alleged failed assassination on August 4. It has issued extradition requests to the governments of Colombia, Peru and the United States in that regard.

The court accuses them of treason; attempted murder of President Maduro; attempted murder of several officials from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces; launching an explosive device at a public meeting; terrorism; financing terrorism, and association.

But in a statement issued yesterday, the OAS Secretariat said the extradition requests are flawed and “should be ignored by the international community because the body that issues them is fraudulent, its members are impostors, and their positions illegal”.

The OAS contended that the only democratic institutions in Venezuela, due to their constitutional origin, their composition in accordance with constitutional procedures and their functions are: “the National Assembly (a result of the elections of December 2015); the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice (in exile and whose magistrates were designated by the National Assembly); and the Attorney General, also in exile and illegitimately dismissed by the fraudulent National Constituent Assembly.”

“Only the acts of these three institutions have the legitimacy and legality that demand compliance by all state entities in Venezuela, and their validation by the Inter-American and international community,” it said.

“Venezuela is a dictatorship, the National Constituent Assembly was elected through fraud, and the Executive Power and the Electoral Power have illegitimate origins and the procedures for the composition of their highest magistrates have been either unconstitutional or fraudulent. “

The OAS added that in addition to principles and values, there is a need to translate the legal and political consequences of the breakdown of the institutional order in Venezuela into practice.

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