Hubert Minnis Going After Bahamas PM’s Job

NASSAU, The Bahamas, Tuesday April 18, 2017 – The leader of the Bahamas’ main opposition Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis is back in the public’s glare with a vengeance, declaring he’s ready to take Prime Minister Perry Christie’s job.

On May 10, Bahamians will go to the polls to elect a new government. And Minnis, who was missing from Parliament for the past three months, has signalled he’s fired up and ready to go.

In recent weeks, critics have accused Minnis of running from the press, but he told reporters last week that nothing could be further from truth and that he has been on a serious mission.

“I was not at Parliament because I was out campaigning. The FNM and my focus is to take Perry Christie’s job. I want his job, my colleagues want the other ministers’ job. So we were not running from anyone; we were campaigning, preparing ourselves for election,” he said.

“He [Christie] says it’s a sprint. It’s a sprint for who? We have been moving continuously all along, it’s not a sprint for us.”

Minnis, who was ousted as Opposition Leader by colleague Loretta Turner-Butler last December, suggested that Christie and the ruling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) would be the ones “doing the sprinting to catch his party.”

However, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts has accused Dr Minnis of refusing to talk to the press and publicly debate Christie.

“It’s shocking and unbelievable that the man who wants to be Prime Minister turns his back on the press. Minnis has also refused to debate the man he seeks to replace, Prime Minister Perry G Christie. Clearly, the Bahamian people will draw the correct conclusion – that Minnis is unprepared and not ready for the high office of Prime Minister,” he charged in a statement.

A defiant Minnis hit back, saying that Roberts cannot speak for the FNM and when the party is ready to engage in a debate, it would do so.

“When we’re ready it can be done – and on our terms not on Bradley Roberts’ terms. But we are focused now on removing Perry Christie and the PLP and Bradley Roberts so we don’t hear his voice ever again in this Bahamas,” he said.

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