Over 200 earthquakes gone and more to come

earthquakes barbadosBRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday October 1, 2015 – Since the 6.6 magnitude quake that shook Barbados in mid-July, there have been more than 200 earthquake events recorded northeast of the island – though most of them very minor – and Barbadians can expect more, some of them almost as big as the one earlier this year.

That indication came from the University of the West Indies’ Seismic Research Centre in Trinidad, following a series of earthquakes in the area in recent days.

The July 16 quake, initially registered at 6.4 magnitude but later revised to 6.6, shook buildings and struck fear in the heart of many residents. It was followed by several other smaller quakes before the seismic activity abated.

Following the recent earthquake sequence northeast of Barbados, the SRC posted a notice on its website and social media pages stating that “based on scientific evidence, it is expected that aftershocks will continue for months and possibly years as the system adjust and settles”.

“It should be noted though, that based on the magnitude pattern normally associated with such events, there are marked deficits in the magnitude outputs so far and it is expected that events in the magnitude 5.1-6.5 range may still occur; the time frame cannot be defined.”

The image and table below, provided by the SRC, show a summary of the auto solution events greater than 3.5 that occurred following the 6.6 earthquake in July, up to September 27.

events near bdos


Since September 27, there have been a few other events, including one on Tuesday which had a 5.0 magnitude.

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