Over a dozen candidates disqualified, charged over voting day violence in Haiti


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Tuesday August 18, 2015 – Fourteen candidates in Haiti’s legislative elections – including four from President Michel Martelly’s PHTK party – have been disqualified and are now facing several charges over their alleged involvement in violence during the first round of voting earlier this month.

The 14 were among 1,800 candidates who were seeking election to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Thirteen of them were running for seats in the lower chamber while the other was trying to win a seat in the Senate.

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said the candidates are accused of voting violations, removal of ballot boxes, armed aggression against an election officer and firing an automatic weapon near a polling station, among other offences.

The violence that occurred during the August 9 voting resulted in the deaths of two people.

Preliminary results from the voting are expected to be published tomorrow.

The second round of legislative elections is set for October 25, which will also be the date of the first round of presidential elections.

The disqualified candidates and the accusations against them are below, as released by the CEP:

FRANCOIS Tony Antonelly Claude, candidate for deputy / Port-de-Paix (North West), PHTK
Ransacking of the voting center Ecole Nationale de Fatima, destruction of ballots and disturbance of the conduct of elections.

DORLEUS Gergot, candidate for deputy / Savanette (Centre), RENMEN AYITl
Armed burst in the voting center Savanette removing ballots.

MOISE Frantz, candidate for deputy / Marigot (Sud-Est), ADRENA
Election violation, ransacking of voting center, destruction of electoral materials.

LUBIN Jean-Claude, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais (Centre) PITIT DESSALINES 
Burst into the Mirebalais Parquet and breaking of materials.

DESGROTES Jean Franchi, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais (Centre) VERITE 
Burst into the Mirebalais Parquet and breaking of materials.

DORELIEN Fantal, candidate for deputy / Mirebalais ( Centre) FANMI LAVALAS 
Burst into the Mirebalais Parquet and breaking of materials.

JEAN-PIERRE Jephté, candidate for deputy / Chardonnière / les Anglais, FUSION 
Armed burst in the local of BED and ransacking of polling stations.

BELIZAIRE Arnel, Senate candidate / West Department, APLA 
Shooting with automatic weapons near the Drouillard voting center, widespread panic, disrupt polling.

PREVILON Lionel, candidate for deputy / Desdunes (Artibonite), PHTK 
Violation of the election and removal of ballot boxes.

ALTENOR John, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline (Artibonite), AAA
Shooting with automatic weapons, ransacking of the voting center Ecole nationale Chevreau Lombard.

FREDERIC Ozite, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline PHTK
Violation of the vote and destruction of electoral materials.

DESHOMMES Wilbert Joseph, candidat à la députation / Grande Saline (Rossignol) Artibonite, VERITE
Violation of the vote, ransacking of voting stations, shooting with automatic weapons.

GAMANIEL Placius, candidate for deputy / Grande Saline (Artibonite) KID
Ransacking of the voting center Ecole Nationale Rossignol, violation of vote, shooting with automatic weapons.

ROMULUS Marc Faublas, candidate for deputy / Saut d’eau (Centre) PHTK
Armed attack on the President of BEC and ransacking of several voting centers, including that of the Ecole ECOSA de Dalaise.

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