PM Douglas: Youth have role to play in future well being of nation

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, December 27, 2006  – St Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Dr Denzil L. Douglas says nationals of the twin-island Federation have a role to play in developing a nation of young people who can become productive citizens making a positive contribution to the future well being of the nation.

“It is important that we increase our attention on the youth of our nation. We shall continue to fine-tune our education system to ensure that it remains relevant to this nation’s development agenda. Beyond that, there will be substantial effort to impart values of discipline and tolerance and enhance their coping skills, improve attitude and initiatives to help motivate them to strive for excellence in all spheres of their lives,” said Prime Minister Douglas in his 2006 Christmas Message.

Dr Douglas said parents, schools, churches and all civic organisations must embrace their role in creating a nation of young people who can aspire to great achievements and realise their fullest potential.

In his 12th Christmas Message to the Federation as Prime Minister, Dr Douglas appeal to the young people of St. Kitts and Nevis to draw from the lessons learnt from the Birth of the Baby Jesus and His life as a Youth.

“It really does not matter in which village or town you were born; which family you were born to; or what the rest of the crowd is doing. You, our youths must determine in your minds that you are going to become the best young man or young woman that you can,” said the St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister.

“Young people, this country needs you to help in the building of this nation of ours. I sincerely hope that during this Christmas Season you would take a look at all your dreams and aspirations. I trust that each of us will determine to have a better quality of life in our homes and communities. Let us follow Jesus’ example of meekness, of peace and goodwill to each other,” said Dr Douglas.

As Carnival celebrations coincide with Christmas, Prime Minister Douglas urged residents, returning nationals and visitors to exercise a great deal of moderation.

“I urge you not to indulge in excesses to the point that you endanger your life and the life of others, your health and the health of others. Be responsible in your decision especially in the use of spirited beverages,” said Prime Minister Douglas, who advised the adoption of the “designated driver policy with your friends and family.”

“Let good sense prevail in all your endeavours. Be tolerant with each other and choose to avoid conflict and confrontation,” advised Prime Minister Douglas.

He called on the nation to share with the less fortunate and extended gratitude to persons who care for the sick, for the elderly and for those living alone.

Dr Douglas also extended gratitude to the men and women who provide essential services to the communities and nation. (CUOPM)