Portia Simpson Miller calls for election process review

KINGSTON, Jamaica, September 17, 2007 – Still reeling from the September 3rd loss, Peoples National Party leader and former Jamaica Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, has called for a review of the country’s election process.

Simpson Miller made the call in an address to the 69th annual conference of the PNP Sunday, 13 days after narrowly losing the September 3rd general elections to the Jamaica Labor Party and its leader, Bruce Golding.

“No one can deny that we have made many strides,” she said. “But the system is not perfect,” said the country’s first female prime minister, while adding that she has asked the independent, bipartisan Electoral Advisory Committee to review the election process.

Simpson Miller and the PNP lost 27-33 to the JLP, in an election where she insists there were questions regarding the results of several races and of PNP supporters being turned away from polling stations because they were not on voter lists.

The Jamaica Election Commission has denied that charge and international observers gave the election a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, she insisted she will be watching the Golding-led government every step of the way.

“They think we done, is come we jus a come. I can assure you we are going to protect the interest of every Jamaican including those not yet born. And I can tell you, we are going to watch every move they make, every step they take, everywhere they go, everything they do,” said Simpson Miller.

“We will be watching them. And they are going to be held accountable to the Jamaican people and we are going to see to it and this leader is going to see to that. So they can smile and have fun for a few days…wait, watch Portia and her team work, watch it.” – Hardbeatnews.com