Shooter Of Haitian-Born NYPD Cop Sought

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Tues. Nov. 29, 2005: It’s been exactly ten days since Haitian-born New York City Police Officer Wiener Philippe was shot and robbed by an unknown assilant.

Now the black police officers’ association, the Guardians Association, N.Y.P.D., has joined the call in urging residents of the Crown Heights, Brooklyn neighborhood where Philippe was shot on Nov. 19, to come forward with any information on the shooter.

Members of the Guardians Association, of which Officer Philippe is a member, will hold a press conference this afternoon at the corner of St Johns Pl. & Troy Avenue in Brooklyn, the place where the 26-year-old officers was shot, to make the public appeal.

The officers was off-duty at the time of the robbery and shooting. Police say the unknown perp took the officer’s badge, his shield and cash after they apparently got into a scuffle as the officer pulled up to his Crown Heights home.

Philippe was shot once in his right shoulder and the bullet exited the left side of his back. But he’s recovering from the wound. Police believe the suspect is a balck male, 20-25-years-old, six feet tall, 170 pounds with a thin mustache.

Association members will also canvass the area this afternoon, handing out tip cards, fliers and hang posters requesting that people call 1 (800) 577-TIPS or the 77th Precinct’s Detective squad at 1 (718) 735-0611 should they have information on the shooter or shooters. –