Sixteen primary schools across the island will be repaired during the summer at a cost close to $1 million, under Government’s Domestic Primary Education Programme.

This programme is undertaken every year by the Ministry of Education in an attempt to keep the physical infrastructure of primary schools in an acceptable state.

This year, repairs will be carried out at an equal number of rural and urban schools. Those earmarked are: All Saints, Hillaby/Turners Hall, Holy Innocent’s, Roland Edwards, Sharon, St. Bartholomew’s, St. Margaret’s, St. Patrick’s, Grazettes, Belmont, Ellerton, St. Giles, St. Paul’s, St. Stephen’s, Wesley Hall Junior and Wilkie Cumberbatch.

According to the Project Manager of the Education Project Implementation Unit, Bruce Alleyne, one of the major undertakings would be the construction of three prefabricated buildings at St. Bartholomew’s, Sharon and Ellerton Primary Schools. He explained that in the case of Ellerton, the prefab building would accommodate nursery students, while at the other schools “there is the need to relieve the congestion”.

Eight schools will receive paint jobs, and an additional staff toilet will be constructed at Belmont. Other repairs include the servicing of windows and doors and the changing of roof sheeting.

The work is expected to begin during the first week of the summer holiday, and should be completed before the start of the September school term.