Software guru McAfee says he lost everything in Belize

MONTREAL, Canada, Friday January 31, 2014 – After a wild year during which he dodged police in Belize, landed in the slammer in Guatemala and was deported to the United States, antivirus pioneer John McAfee says he’s broke. 

The electronics guru made the claim in an interview with CNN following the news that Intel, the firm that bought McAfee’s antivirus company in 2010, had decided to scrap the McAfee name and rebrand it Intel Security.

The Scottish-born American citizen told CNNMoney that he’s lost everything. Only a fraction of his one-time US$100 million net worth survived the 2008 market crash. But his fortunes really took a hit in 2012 when he fled Belize police who wanted him for questioning on the death of his neighbour.

According to the CNN report, the government raided his jungle compound and seized everything inside. The buildings on McAfee’s property later burned down under suspicious circumstances.

“Everything I owned was in Belize. I left with nothing in my pocket,” he said.

McAfee claimed that most of his remaining riches were in the “vast art collection” he left behind. He said that the Belize government auctioned off many of his belongings, but his art pieces never showed up.

The 68-year-old eccentric millionaire is reportedly living in an apartment in Canada with his wife Janice and “getting by” on consulting work: dispensing advice on acquisitions, technology and internal restructuring.

McAfee is also telling his life story in a feature-length documentary currently being worked on by Montreal-based Impact Future Media. Once that’s completed, McAfee plans to return to his one-time home of Santa Cruz, California.

While the software guru claims that he is just trying to live in peace, he apparently still can’t resist treading on a few toes.

Last year, he released an over-the-top video laced with profanity, sex, and drug imagery – which has clocked close to five million viewings – in which he ridiculed the software bearing his name.

In December, when talk of Intel changing its security brand surfaced, McAfee pleaded on his website for help in making that happen.

“I would be thrilled to finally free myself, my image, and my name,” he said.

Following Intel’s announcement earlier this month, McAfee tweeted: “To the company formerly known as McAfee: Thank you! Thank you!” Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)