There Could Soon be No More Night Shift Security Work for Single Mums in Guyana

Minister of Social Protection Keith Scott


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday September 11, 2017 – Guyana’s Minister of Social Protection Keith Scott has proposed that single mothers in that country not work night shifts at security firms.

He tabled the idea following a meeting between labour officials and private security services.

“The Ministry of Social Protection has no intention of relenting on its agenda to minimize, in the first instance, and eventually eliminate, work for single mothers within the private security industry,” Scott said in a statement.

The development comes against the backdrop of recent concerns that a number of security firms were paying below the minimum wage and complaints of sexual misconduct.

The minister said he has already started efforts with his Cabinet colleagues to test the feasibility of the initiative.

“Accordingly, they are asked to ensure that with immediate effect, the contracts for the provision of private security services provide for the exclusion of single mothers from night work,” he said.

The ministry noted, however, that single mothers who still preferred to work late hours would have the option of doing so.

“Whatever policies are developed and implemented should not run counter to the individual desire of a single mother who may elect to work at nights. They should not be structurally compelled to night work,” it said.

Minister Scott said the proposal is aimed at rebuilding and maintaining the safety of Guyanese families.

“Being mindful of the concerns raised by certain sections of the wider society, the ministry remains confident that the feminist organizations would find favour with the elimination of night work by single mothers that would go a far way in repairing the moral fabric of our society which is seriously negativey affected,” he said.

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