St. Kitts drug dealer jailed

MIAMI, USA, January 31, 2007 – Kittian-born drug baron Glenroy Vingrove Matthews recently began serving 136 months in jail for his role in conspiring to import cocaine into the United States.

Matthews, who had pled guilty in October to the charge, was this week sentenced by US District Court Judge K. Michael Moore. He was the last of four defendants to be found guilty of participating in the charged conspiracy that was led by former Jamaican Shower Posse leader Charles “Little Nut” Miller.

He had faced a maximum statutory term of life imprisonment but the sentence was commuted to 11 plus years in jail and five years of supervised release, by Judge Moore.

The case was the result of a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Drug Enforcement Agency investigation of employees of AmeriJet International. Investigators found that drug dealers were using the freight air carrier to smuggle cocaine into Miami from various Caribbean Islands.

Matthews was the exclusive agent for AmeriJet on the island of St Kitts. The investigation connected to a parallel investigation being conducted on St. Kitts by members of New Scotland Yard. That investigation centered on the assassination of St Kitts Police Superintendent Jude Matthews and the disappearance of two Kittitian citizens, one of which was suspected of being involved in the cocaine smuggling conspiracy.

Members of New Scotland Yard were able to discover a cassette tape of Matthews and others discussing plans to ship the cocaine to Miami via AmeriJet. The recording was made by Vincent Morris, whom Miller eventually killed.

Matthews in 2000 was listed as a drug kingpin, under the “Kingpin Act”, by the White House. (Copyright