St Kitts PM Blames Former Government For Mess Involving Wanted Chinese National

St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Wednesday May 10, 2017 – St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris is pointing fingers at the last government, led by Dr Denzil Douglas, for the current controversy involving a Chinese national wanted by Interpol and his homeland on financial crime charges.

The ruling Team Unity administration has been accused of harbouring Ren Biao, who has a St Kitts and Nevis passport.

But on the heels of calls from Opposition Leader Dr Denzil Douglas for him to resign, Harris made it clear that the former St Kitts Labour Party administration was to blame since it had granted citizenship to Biao.

The Prime Minister said that in 2014, the former administration was adequately informed by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) of the Chinese national’s pending arrival in the twin-island federation, and this gave the former prime minister ample notice to take the necessary action.

“In the report, which was submitted in July of 2014 by the Interpol authorities in Washington, DC, they gave the Denzil Douglas administration the name of the Chinese that was coming, the date of birth; they told the Denzil Douglas administration that the parties were traveling on British Airways Flight 2157 from London, Gatwick [Airport] to St. Kitts with a layover in Antigua,” he said.

Harris was adamant that if Prime Minister Douglas had received the Interpol report, he should have taken action.

“Douglas ought to be ashamed of himself to now to be coming talking about these same persons, for if there was anyone who harboured them it would have been the Denzil Douglas administration,” he said.

“We now have to determine the best course forward having regard to the constitution and the rule of law and whatever we do, the pride of our country and the dignity attached to our country’s name must remain intact,” the Prime Minister added.

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