St. Kitts sports tourism strategy on the mark, says Lockerbie

BASSETERRE. St. Kitts, March 28, 2008 – A former top official of last year’s ICC Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean has lauded the St. Kitts and Nevis’ government sports strategy, saying that the facilities being constructed across the island will raise the country’s chances of success in the sports tourism sub-sector.

Donald Lockerbie, who served as Venue Development Director for the Caribbean tournament said the twin-island federation was uniquely positioned to raise its profile on the regional and international level. 

“You have essentially here in St. Kitts, a sports campus of high level football, cricket and athletics. I don’t know of too many countries that have (these stadiums) of a (high) calibre within a mile or two of each other,” he said during a visit to the country.

Lockerbie, who is also President of Olympvs International LLC – a worldwide sports facility and operations consulting firm based in North Carolina, Barbados and Switzerland – stressed the need for continued marketing of these facilities to ensure “the word gets out” as much as possible about the destination and its offerings.

Mr Lockerbie has been involved in the development of over 400 sports facilities and sporting events throughout North America and in other parts of the world.

The stadium designer is highly respected in international circles and is considered to be the pre-eminent planner of many of the United States’ most acclaimed football and track and field facilities.