Street in Namibian Capital Renamed in Honour of Jamaican National Hero Marcus Garvey

Prime Minister Holness unveils sign depicting the name of the street in Namibia capital in honour of Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday July 25, 2018
– The Government of Namibia has named a street in the African nation’s capital, Windhoek, in honour of Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Garvey.

The street renaming ceremony took place on Tuesday during the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ official working visit to Namibia.

He said the historic renaming of the street is a symbol of pride and honour.

Garvey, Jamaica’s first national hero was a celebrated Pan Africanist, philosopher and leading exponent of black pride and consciousness. He was a self-declared citizen of a global Africa.

“We in Jamaica are extremely proud yet deeply humbled that you have chosen to honour one of our own in this tangible way. This great gesture will undoubtedly create curiosity among future generations, as they seek answers to the question, who was Marcus Garvey,” Prime Minister Holness said.

“It is a symbol of our geo cultural and spiritual unification. Further it is important for those of us African peoples dispersed far afield in places like the Caribbean and the Americas to have the opportunity to join in a gesture that re-establishes the original bonds of family and shared destinies. It is a truly good feeling that augurs well for on-going and future collaboration.”

Holness added that he was encouraged by the impact of the naming of the street in honour of Garvey on the youth, and he expressed the hope that it would cause stories of strength of conviction to be told again and again.

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